Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

Over the past few weeks, we have settled more and more into la vie parisienne. We get food almost daily, fetch bread in the mornings, and often find a good wine or two in the evenings. Life here really isn’t all that bad. I really don’t miss my car at all and actually prefer riding the Metro or walking places. Even with all these new habits we have adopted, we are still very much, Geep and Purrito. Pretty strange. 

Exhibit A: 

Walking through a beautiful city like Paris, you would think there would be LOTS of things to take pictures of. There is Invalides, gardens, canons, statues, little cafes, etc. But what do we end up taking pictures of? See previous post. Stinky Mattresses. This has become a common occurrence at this point. We will be walking down the street and point them out. Talks of a stinky mattress photo album have come up. 

Exhibit B:

With all the great food in Paris ( MINUS THE REALLLLLLY BAD CHINESE PLACE WE DISCOVERED. In Geep’s words: It was a Chew-and-Spew), you would probably be inclined to try all the little places dotting the side streets around town. Not us. We eat at only a few places. I mostly cook every night of the week, but when we are tired of cleaning up the tiny kitchen, we go to Chipotle. Serious. All of Paris and I go up to his work to go chow down on some expensive Chipotle. One meal there is about the same amount as two-three days worth of food when I cook at home. *shrug* What can I say, we really like burritos. Plus, it is fun to try to order there in french since we know most of the words. 

Exhibit C: 

We have looked at cameras for Geep at least twelve times by now. His indecisiveness has not changed. I imagine there are at least five more visits to FNAC in my future before he finally buys one. He worries that we wont use, but I do my wife-ly duty and remind him of every time he has uttered the words ” wish I had that camera” as we meandered through the city. That’s my Geep.

Exhibit D:

When in awkward social situations, Geep usually turns the conversation over to me or avoids it completely. Here in Paris, it is no different. When we were at the Grand Palais for the “I, Augustus” exhibit, a tall french man starting talking to Geep when he was overcome with excitement about a particular piece. He rambled on in French and gestured for Geep to look more closely at the carving. In true Geep form, he decided to run away. The man was very confused, and a little hurt, when he turned to find his new ami had flown the coop. He shuffled off into the next room and avoided us for the rest of the exhibit. Poor man. He was just really excited about that ocean battle carving. 

Exhibit E:

We are animal lovers at heart, mega-chicken-sized pigeons included. When they get trapped in the Metro lines, we find it depressing. The other day, we took turns chasing two pigeons out of the entrance to the Metro. Flapping arms and Psst Psst Psst’ing at them. We have lots of practice herding dumb animals thanks to the cats. We were successful in our endeavor and two more pigeons are saved from starvation. The French walking around were interested. One man stopped and watched Geep chasing the pigeon out the door with an amused expression on his face before jetting off to catch his train. The pigeons looked affronted.


Yeah, we are the same. We just speak a little more french. 

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