Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

We returned to the Louvre last night. This time, I brought my camera.


Tuileries looking cold.

yay for cellphone photos - at least they're not taking selfies

The Louvre.

dead eagle, too

Napoleon in Repose.

she'e either happy or nuts

A very happy and, surprisingly, literate nymph/naiad/something-wandering-and forest-dwelling.

crab people

A shot of the apparently-recently-renovated wing (Richelieu).

A timepiece from the Louis XIV - Louis XVI rooms.

A timepiece from the Louis XIV – Louis XVI rooms.

it's geometry

Drafting tools.

seriously. a window latch

A window latch from inside the Louis exhibit.



finally, a decent nighttime landscape

Looking out onto the Louvre courtyard (with Tuileries beyond).

hubba hubba

My mistress. Sorry, Purrito.

People with cellphones aka The Mona Lisa

People with Cellphones aka La Joconde.

I want some of those grapes, though

Not now, honey. The Purrito and I have giggled at this painting both times we’ve run across it.

oh shit

You have encountered a wandering bard. Roll for initiative.


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