Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

We’ve been granted some respite from the heat; after a week spent oscillating between the mid-nineties and the low triple-digits, today was both wet and overcast enough that the temperature only managed to creep into the low 80s. As my fingers seem to have lost that sweaty adhesion to the keyboard, I’ve been working on the post from our trip to Budapest on and off throughout the day; given the time, though, it’s certainly not going up this evening.

The week ahead looks to be a bit cooler, with temperatures projected to stay under 92 or so, though I’ll readily admit that I’m not looking forward to dripping through the day (and into the night) again.

We did manage to add a somewhat novel tool to our arsenal: go to the mall. Friday, which proved to be as hot as Wednesday (read: 100 F or so), saw us flee to Les quatre temps up in La défense. Unfortunately, everybody else had this idea as well; it’s soldes season in France which added to the numbers present in the mall. Still, some air conditioning is better than none, so we took our time, did some shopping, and even managed to extend our stay into the later parts of the evening by buying tickets to the VOstF (version originale sous-titres français) showing of Mad Max: Fury Road.

As someone who has watched and rewatched (and rewatched…) the first two Mad Max movies (Thunderdome sucks), Fury Road was not at all what I expected, but it was awesome. The presence of the French subtitles was unexpectedly entertaining as well; as someone who has never been able to tune closed captioning out, they made for an entertaining vocabulary lesson and another reminder (in a very long procession of reminders) of how idiomatic languages are, and how certain things just don’t quite work in another tongue.

Unexpected bonus: French theatres (or at least this chain) sell Pringles at the concession stand. Now if only they would sell us a bottle or two of wine as well.

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