Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

The past week has been far, far too warm (and hey, the news officially declared a canicule so we have that going for us), so we slunk off to La défense this weekend; tourism is down so far this year that even the nicer hotels (like, for example, the Hilton in CNIT) are cheap at the moment, and more importantly, they are air conditioned.

Wandering aimlessly through Les quatre temps without purpose resulted in a somewhat strange purchasing streak; we now have an elephant candle (to be lit during date nights), new dress shoes for me (the soles of both pairs of Eccos that I brought from the States have passed into the rapidly-disintegrating phase), and a Nespresso machine that we will have to eventually ship back to the US, somehow (the Purrito is hopelessly addicted to coffee, and has wanted one since we arrived in Paris).

We have, however, been careful to lie to the cats; I’ve already reassured them that at no point did we have the AC in the room so low that we slept comfortably under a full-thickness comforter.

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