Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

There exists an alternate universe (a large number of them, if we’re fully invoking many-worlds, though at the moment it’s far too early in the morning to dance with the sanity-threatening bear that is the concept of the infinite) in which this particular post was written a few days from now. It involves an abbey located on a large outcrop of rock, a few sheep (if alternate-me is lucky), bitterly cold wind, rain (because no story that takes place in Normandy is complete without rain), eight total hours of travel, and a large amount of whining about probably-terrible food.

That was not our path, however; we’ll make another attempt at that particular series of events later.

Our consolation prize (since there’s no point in wasting a Friday that I’ve already taken off) was a visit to musée d’Orsay, specifically the Spectaculaire second empire exhibit, which, as the title implies, was a revisiting of the roaring second-empire days (prior to everything coming to a crashing halt with the defeat by the Prussians and the abdication of Napoléon III in 1870).

We finally found ourselves with the time to sit and eat at one of the several cafés within the museum as well; we have checked “eat at café campanella” off of the list (full disclosure: it wasn’t ever officially on The List, though the food was good) and have discovered a new variation to one of our favorite activities: wandering around the museum after a couple of glasses of wine.

My god, it’s full of (impressionist squiggles which I am informed are intended to represent) stars.

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