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it’s a statue

I went wandering around this weekend and found The Statue.
Being a half-assed student of random information, I knew that this district, La Défense, is so named due to an old statue there commemorating the defense of the city. As you’ll no doubt note, the half-assed part is indeed true, given that I’m not giving either a year or a conflict.
It turns out that the statue in question was actually placed in 1883 and is intended to commemorate the defense of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. It’s obviously been moved since that time, or at least has been hoisted in the air; it’s currently situated atop a fairly tall round column that brings it just above grade level with the surrounding esplanade.
With the statue comes a better view of the more modern side of La Défense; the ugly 70’s era buildings that I saw on my taxi ride from CDG were limited to one or two old skyscrapers, with the rest of the skyline taken up by very modern glass-encased buildings that are much better representatives of the “hyper-modern” business district that La Défense is claimed to be.
Unfortunately, we haven’t worked out whatever the issue is with wordpress, so even a picture is an agonizing affair at the moment. Once I get things figured out (I think it’s a host-related setting) or I get home (I’m so tired of shitty internet connections) I’ll go through the pictures I’ve taken thus far and put a few of them up.

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