Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

I flew back to Houston a week ago today. As the blog is entitled Fezzik in Paris and not Fezzik in Houston or Best Little Fezzik House in Texas, I have been quiet.

The assumption that nothing is going on would be wildly incorrect though; since I’ve been back, it’s been near-total chaos; between supporting work, which is seven hours ahead, to meeting with the realtor, preparing the house, attempting to get the cats ready, deciding what to pack, talking with the storage company, selling one of the cars, making plans to store the other car, and all of the little things that have to be done before we leave, it has been a little bit busy.

Today, however, we have appointments with the French consulate. While we’ve had to assume that things are converging towards our departure at the end of the month, once we have our visas in hand, everything will crystallize and we’ll be able to schedule a definite return date. I know that won’t happen today, but it will be a consequence of our visit to the consulate today (and hopefully they’ll be quick with the turnaround), and we’re both looking forward to the removal of the uncertainty that’s lingering like a dense fog, stifling, uncomfortable, and blinding.

The blog’s namesake, Fezzik, has been demanding affection lately; if only he knew what we were up to.

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