Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

I have never been to another country. I have been to Canada, but who really counts that? (Sorry, Canada). I found it fitting that the first time I get to go on a European adventure, it is because I have to choose a place to live. I go all in when I do things, why would this be different? It felt unreal even as I was packing the night before. For months we were told things were going to go one way only to find out they went another. I didn’t feel like I was truly going anywhere until that damn 777 landed on foreign soil. On this excruciatingly long plane ride, I learned two things: Sleeping is the best course of action and my Coccyx hurts really bad thanks to those super comfy chairs provided in cattle-class. As mentioned in previous posts, I had not seen my husband in several weeks. I was excited, but hazy when I got off the plane and onto a bus to take me to the gate. CDF is the WORST airport I have ever been to. The whole getting-off-the-plane-into-the-airport situation was unnerving, especially when jet lagged and slightly hung over from medication. Alas, I somehow made it through border control, got my first stamp in my passport, picked up my luggage, and saw Geep standing at the exit. I know him entirely too well, as I knew the best thing to do was grab a quick hug and try to get out of there and onto the RER. There would be more time for cuddles and ‘I missed you’ when we arrived at the aparthotel. When he is on a mission, he wears blinders. As much as I wanted to stand there and revel in the fact that he was actually there in front of me, I knew he would relax once we got ‘home’. I got to see some interesting parts of Paris while on the train into the city. Mostly industrial areas and some residential, but not exactly prime locations. As we got closer to our destination, it started to look a little more like what I thought of when I think Paris: Older building stacked 6 floors high with stores on the bottom floor, people walking everywhere, trench coats out the wazoo, and lots of bread. That sounds incredibly stereotypical, but it was true… and not a bad thing! When we arrived at the hotel, we talked, hugged, cuddled, unpacked, and went to the Monoprix to acquire some food. I think we went and walked around a mall too, but honestly I was out of it. We went to that mall several times over the next few days, mostly to keep me awake and moving while I adjusted to the time change. It was all kind of a blur. I just remember being happy to lay down in bed with him actually next to me.

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