Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

With the Holiday months flying at us at full speed, we decided it was time to start making plans. Things book fast here in France, so we honestly should have started earlier.


Thanks to the influx of Americans into France, there are lots of options for the local ‘Merican to get their feast on. From American food stores that can provide ingredients for your pumpkin pie, to all out dinning services, there is a little something for everyone. We decided to partake of two events. One is at a little French lodge just outside of Paris called La Grange Aux Dimes. They provide a full 7 course menu, with plenty of wine, while you sit fireside and enjoy the rustic surroundings. I called them to make a reservation and went through a song-and-dance I am now used to. The typical, “Pardon, Parlez-Vous anglais?”  Typically, this is followed with a yes or ” un peu”. The guy at the restaurant was, sadly, more on the ‘a little’ side than fluent. Between my broken French and his limited English, we came to an accord. I made a reservation for the two of us for a Thanksgiving dinner… but I don’t know what day or what time. I now have to call back, hope for someone else, and figure out the small details like when to arrive.

The second event we are going to is actually a Meetup. For 15 euros, we get access to a Thanksgiving Buffet and as much champagne as we can drink. Needless to say, we are going for the booze. We can do some damage for 15 bucks and it is not far from home. The best part is, we RSVP online and know all the details without actual human contact. The internet is a beautiful thing.


We are going to be in Bruges ( Yay!!!) two weeks before Christmas, and we are having a guest at our house for the week before, so Christmas will be at home. We are trying to locate a butcher that can provide us with a “Melon Aux Dinde” or perhaps one made of agneau. Let me explain, the “melon” is a seasoned, rounded, and stuffed, thing you bake in the oven. There are no bones, no prep, and lots of juicey-goodness. We will enjoy our melon of meat, be it turkey or lamb, along with some simple french sides, and a bottle of wine. Easy. Simple. Warm. Love it.

New Years:

While in Rouen, we stumbled upon a 15th century hotel hosting a Gatsby-inspired new years party. The place is beautiful and a five star hotel with INCREDIBLY reasonable prices. Given our love for Rouen, we decided it sounded like a lot of fun to go out there, dressing like folks from the 20’s, and enjoy the castle-like surroundings. I booked the room and dinner successfully. It only took calling twice, which isn’t bad really. It should be a blast!

This should be a great Holiday Season!!!!

As for the rest of London? It was a letdown. The only other thing that happened worth writing about was when some large brtis decided to pull a bag of meth crystals out on their table at a pub. We left soon after. The end.

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