Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

It has long been the opinion of the editorial board that Fezzik needs a job; at 11 kilos and a size larger than the majority of the dogs seen on Paris streets, there is simply no reason that Fezzik could not find a career as a rat catcher or a draft horse.

Unlike Fezzik, the cat in the picture below is gainfully employed; like many cats associated with owners of boulangeries, this cat has been relocated to the shop while his owner goes on vacation. Tasked with catching or at least keeping at bay any interlopers of the rodentia kind (we are discussing a bread shop here), a human fiend of the owner checks in and feeds the cat during the owner’s August sojourn, while the cat does his thing.

This specimen is apparently so fearsome to the local grain thieves that he need only stretch himself out in the window, so as to warn them that any attempt at infiltration will lead to certain death and dismemberment. Alternately, he is as lazy as Fezzik is, and he spends his days laying in the sun doing precisely fuckall, save for eating too much cat food and tracking litter everywhere.

We’re optimists, here; I firmly believe that this cat is working his ass off.

Fezzik, take note.

He certainly is comfortable.

He certainly is comfortable.

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