Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

I am finding that my feelings towards Venice are difficult to synthesize.

We went in what was apparently the deep off-season, so while we traded the teeming masses for cold and wet weather, both the Purrito and I felt that the almost-haunted feel of the city, with the heavy fog and not-always-so-elegant state of decay gave us an entirely different opinion than the one we would have had if our trip had been in the middle of the summer.

With regards to art, the city, is unquestionably second or even third tier; the doge’s palace, the accademia, even museo correr all held art that is by no means bad, but is hard to engage with when we’ve seen so much better.

I don’t know that Venice really has a distinct cuisine; we ate an exceptional seafood meal at the French-named, but Italian-serving Chat qui rit, but I was otherwise confined to eating forgettable pizza, lousy gelato, and things that weren’t quite cornetti. I considered going back to Florence or Rome for a cornetto; they’re absurdly good.

All of that said, we had quite the time shopping, (illegally) feeding pigeons, visiting the doge’s palace, sneaking pictures in Saint-Mark’s basilica, finding Saint-Mark’s lion around nearly every corner, and tromping around without a single damnable automobile within 3km (not counting those stuck on the ferries cutting across the lagoon).

Unlike many of the cities we’ve been (for rhetorical purposes, Florence and Rome), I can’t picture us living in Venice; it has an aura of a city that one does not actually live in. Offered a chance to return during another off-season though, I would almost undoubtedly agree.


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