Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

As stated on this very blog just over a year ago, I bought an iPhone 5c shortly after arriving in Paris. Amongst the things that the Purrito brought me when she came on the apartment hunting expedition was a case for said phone, which featured this image.

The case was passed to the Purrito when I passed the phone to her.

Said case and said phone were left in the back of a taxi on our way back from the Hôpital Americain this afternoon. I chased the cab for approximately five blocks on foot, while the Purrito headed to the nearest cab stand in an attempt to find the driver. Neither of us found the cab (though the Purrito may have caught a brief glimpse of it), and the recovery of her phone was not to be, in any case, as it was already off when we attempted to call it once we had regrouped. The remote data wipe has been initiated, however, and on the positive side, the price of the 5c fell some 200EUR in the year since I originally bought it.

We missed French class, but bought dinner, and the Purrito is currently engaged in performing a restoration of the contents.

Dr Gonzo, however, will not be returning. Long may he be a thorn in the new “owner’s” side.

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