Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

Strictly speaking, it is not the fault of Lenovo that I am sitting here, some two hours later, attempting to salvage my over-30-gigabyte Lightroom library while wondering if I am going to be able to recover anything else from the HDD of my former Y510p. I would argue that it is Lenovo’s fault that I even bought (two; one for me and one for the Purrito) of the damn pieces of junk before we came over here on the sole basis of my love for my T60p which, to my knowledge, is still pulling email duty at my mother’s house some eight years after I bought it (and five after I gifted it to her).

Lenovo did not make me drop the computer, but it did give it a wifi card that connects when it wants to. It provided m2 ssds that never worked. It provided a screen that flickered for no apparent reason. It provided two batteries (one for each laptop) that dies within 11 months of having purchased the computers (under completely different usage profiles).

Most of the time I roll my eyes when a given product or manufacturer “used to do it right,” but IBM, you seriously suck for having sold your hardware division to Lenovo. These things used to be legendary (and who gives a fuck about a company whose only mindshare comes from derpy ads for consulting services in Wired, a magazine that I don’t know why I read anymore (hypocrisy alert: Wired used to be so much better).

So to hell with you Lenovo, and to hell with this Y510p. It was an ignominious end; it slipped out of my hand while I was trying to find somewhere in the room where it would be willing to connect to the router.

Enjoy the industrial recycling shredder, you useless pile of junk.

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