Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

Accusations of anthropomorphizing their relationship aside, Vorenus has a friend.

Said friend is a crow that perches atop the church steeple, cawing to Vorenus, who then takes his place on the top of the cat tree and proceeds to chat at said crow. Should several days without an encounter pass, Vorenus will sit on top of the tree and mournfully meow, apparently due to the crow’s absence.

We (humans) have had a recurring conversation in which we posit that the crow can’t possibly be interested in our cat, seeing as how many windows he can see into, and how many other things likely have his attention. The steeple is across the street, and while I’m sure crows have respectable visual acuity, there’s no possible way that a random crow takes up residence on top of the church, caws until our cat comes to the window, caws a bit more, and then flies away, right?

Of course not, that would be madness.

I am not however sure that there is any alternate explanation as to why the(?) crow ran up and down the rail of our balcony, cawing, until Vorenus hopped up on the cat tree.

Quoth I to the raven You scared the shit out of me and the cats.

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