Fezzik In Paris

Two Americans, three cats, and too many places named "de Gaulle"

I burned a day of PTO on Tuesday (I already had Wednesday off on account of it being Toussaint) and indulged in one of my ongoing obsessions; I returned to la basilique cathédrale de Saint-Denis.

While it is true that I had entirely intended to go back, hoping to perhaps take advantage of some of the new perspective afforded by two additional years of absorbing French history and culture, I found myself inclined to fairly exhaustively catalogue this return on account of this post from 2015; this short, poorly-formatted post is responsible for a surprising amount of our inbound traffic from search engines, and upon investigation, I found that there does not seem to be a walkthrough of the church.

I thus present what’s being searched for, in hopes that someone finds it useful, edifying, or even an interesting way to simply kill a few minutes.

To shamelessly plagiarize myself from the Projects page:

So as to prevent vomiting on the part of the site, I’ve broken the pictures up into sections:

  • Gisants is probably the reason you’re here;
  • Chappelles should be self-explanatory;
  • Crypte is an unfortunately incomplete walk-through of the crypt;
  • Cathédrale is anything that happened to catch my eye.

Access can also be had via the menu under Projects.

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